Fabrizio Rota
Founder & CEO 

Imagining, seeing, showing and communicating.

We’re architects, interior designers, art directors, 3D modellers, stylists and photographers.

We’re united by a passion for what we do – emulating reality in order to provoke unforgettable emotions – and our desire to test ourselves against the most ambitious challenges.
We share the goal of freeing creativity from all technical limitations, in order to produce unique images capable of explaining and seducing all at once.

Far from being sterile reproductions of reality, our images not only capture a fragment of history but condense all the meaning and emotion of an experience into a single product. This alchemic process is difficult to put into words. And though there is a digital dimension to it, it is – at its heart – conceived by people, for people.

We believe that curiosity, visual culture and empathy would be nothing without the most advanced modelling, animation and rendering software to back it up. That’s why we’ve created an entire department focusing solely on research, experimentation and the development of new technology.

We believe that striving for the highest technological standards is a way of obtaining greater creative freedom, allowing us to build visual experiences which do justice to any industrial product, design piece or architectural project.

Arch. Giuliano Primi
3D Artist Senior

Chiara Grassi
Interior Designer & 3D Artist Senior

Lorenzo Pierri
3D Artist Senior & Photographer

Arch. Matteo Manelli
3D Artist Senior  & Stylist

Arch. Benedetta Braglia
3D Artist Senior  & Stylist

Katia Retta
Set designer & Senior Stylist

Giada Vecchiè
Interior Designer & Senior Stylist

Roberto Ponticiello
Art Director & Videomaker

Patrizia Pomi
Graphic Designer

Arch. Andrea Valcavi
Post Producer Senior

Denis Simonazzi
Post Producer & Photographer

Davide Mezzacqui
Post Producer

Ida Nespola
Materials & Texture

Marika Astolfi
Materials and Texture

Alessandro Montali

Elia Vezzadini
3D Artist Junior

Arch. Merve Rinaldi
Stylist Junior


Arch. Francesco Rinaldi
3D Artist Junior

Debora Levrini
General Affairs

Monica Guidetti

Marcella Albicini
Account Executive